The Leaf

by Ann-Sofie Bárány

Director Olle Törnqvist.

Choreography Sara Ekman, Alexandra Göransson.

Set & costume Leif Persson.
On stage Mats Granath, Alexandra Göransson, Lillemor Hjelm, Hanna Sjögen, Jonas Örknér.
Månteatern & Dansstationens turnékompani, Lund.


The Leaf is a tragicomical yet truthful story… Dialogue alternating with dance. Large movements, fast, funny… Absolutely true.” / Dagens Nyheter “A class reunion that runs amok, or maybe heals old wounds? …a revealing, well-played, and well-choreographed showdown about human predatory behaviour.” /

“…here, dance and drama meet on truly equal terms. This is a successful blend… an accurate description not only of the terror of being excluded from the group and the desire to be an independent individual… but also delivers a vital and palpable reminder of all the invisible ones.” / Skånska Dagbladet

Photo Athina Brunner

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