The Everything

by Ann-Sofie Bárány
Director Gustav Deinoff
On stage
Anna Nygren, Britt Louise Tillbom, Malin Cederbladh, Nidhal Fares, Polly Kisch, Yarien Rodriguez
Scenography Anna Dolata
Music Asha Ali
Choreography Emelie Enlund
Makeup Erika Nicklasson
Costume Mary-Anne Buyondo
Lightdesign Sutoda
Graphic design Parasto Backman
AssistantS Tora Kirchmeier, Ulla Oddsdotter, Linnea Sundblom
Technical Manager Kristian Nielsen
Technician Anna Rudin
Producer Katta Pålsson

“You want one thing, I want another.”

“Not easy.”

“No it’s not easy that it’s like that. You may as well learn.”


“You want porridge, and I just want to die, but I’m not allowed to say that.”

“Porridge? Die? Not easy.”

Now is talking to None. One wants to live, the other to die. Sister Eternity will take care of everything and everyone. But not everything can be said. The gardener sometimes remembers and sometimes doesn’t, but likes the company, and the words. The consul wants to know what time it is but soon falls asleep. The chorus hears and sings, for those who are born and for those who die.

The Everything is a play about those who are at the beginning and end of their lives. With theatre as a tool, we create a space for the youngest and the oldest to meet that does not exist otherwise. They encounter drama and art, and they might get a glimpse of each other. But everyone is welcome to The Everything. The play is for people. Find a very young or very old friend to bring along so you can book your tickets. We do public performances for three generations: children, adults and the elderly. This is dramatic art for the very wisest, and hopefully we will stir things up a bit in our age-segregated society.

“We don’t tell it all. We tell The Everything.”



“The playwright Ann-Sofie Bárány has found puns and poetry for all ages. The well-attuned The Everything is an artistic and practical feat.” / Dagens Nyheter

“Unga Klara is not afraid of talking about death with kids, or of ridiculing a Zeitgeist that sometimes seems to think that children’s culture must not touch on difficult subjects. Everything depends on how you do it. And this is a stage where they know how.” / Dagens Nyheter

“As usual at Unga Klara, the cast is finely attuned to one another, everyone acts sensitively and emotionally under Gustav Deinoff’s direction, and with a distinct vision.” / Dagens Nyheter

“The cast is delightful in Unga Klara’s poetic dream play The Everything. Lars Ring is captivated by an hour of whimsical theatre about life as a circus where all tricks are allowed.”  / Svenska Dagbladet

“The whole thing is an hour-long of poetic dream play about life as a possibility.”  / Svenska Dagbladet

“A wonderfully permissive theatrical universe” / Swedish Radio Kulturnytt

“Ann-Sofie Bárány’s psychoanalytical method is so intelligently brought to life that any interpretation or perception of The Everything is equally correct, depending on the life situation of the viewer, like a microcosmic version of life itself.”  / Aftonbladet

“A harmonious musical climax…”  / Uppsala Nya Tidning


Trailer: Sara P Borgström


Photo Sara P Borgström

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