The Consultation

<h2><strong>by</strong> Ann-Sofie Bárány</h2>
<strong>On stage</strong> Inga Landgré, Gustav Deinoff

<strong>Director</strong> Suzanne Osten
<strong>Set &amp; costume</strong> Anna Heymowska
<strong>Lighting</strong> Lina Benneth
<strong>Sound </strong>Kalle Bäccman
<strong>Coordinator:</strong> Lina Zimmerman

How can we understand a child who expresses its pain by giving pain to others? A young psychoanalyst travels abroad to seek advice from an older colleague. A journey of hope and despair. A psychoanalyst’s cry for help when his six-year-old patient has a world view so dark that he cannot cope with it. Is it even harder to deal with a child than an adult?

The Consultation was broadcast as part of a drama series on Swedish Television SvT.


<em>The Consultation</em> has been translated into English and French.


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Photo Petra Hellberg

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