by Ann-Sofie Bárány

Mistresses takes place in Paris – more specifically in Saint Germain at the left bank of Seine – during a most dynamic period between the two world wars. A group of women, mostly Americans like Gertrude Stein & Alice B Toklas, Djuna Barnes, Nathalie Barney, Sylvia Beach, form couples and liasons with like-minded French ladies such as Adrienne Monnier and Colette. They write, love, dance, eat & drink, break up, but remain loyal friends (most of them).


Marianne – Pierina Rizzo
Beate – Polly Kisch
Gertrude Stein – Maria Kulle
Alice B. Toklas – Elisabet Carlsson
Natalie Clifford Barney – Tova Magnusson
Renée Vivien – Annika Hallin
Sylvia Beach – Sandra Medina
Adrienne Monnier – Sylvia Rauan
Djuna Barnes – Cilla Thorell
Thelma Wood – Felicia Löwerdahl
Marianne’s mother/Marquise de Belbeuf – Eva Stenson
Marianne’s father/The Chum – Anders Johannisson
Colette – Susanne Gunnersen
Soldier/Sailor/Slut/Operator – Simon Edenroth


Director Philip Zandén

Set Design and Costume Design Zofi Lagerman Nilsson

Lighting Design Carina Persson

Sound design Magnus Ericsson och Philippe Bokmaar

Wigs and Make Up design Maria Reis & Maria Lindstedt


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