In Anna’s Closet

By & lyrics Ann-Sofie Bárány
Director Suzanne Osten
On stage Pia Dafne Bæckström, Marie Delleskog, Isabela Duarte Nilsson, Johan Gry,  Maria Johansson Josephsson,  Johan Karlberg, Joakim Lindberg, Karin Lycke, Hanne Mathisen Haga, Astrid Menasanch Tobieson, Ann Petrén, Angelika Prick, Matilda Ragnerstam, Nemanja Stojanovic, Emilie Strandberg, Monica Wilderoth, Alexander Öhrstrand
Set & costume Rikke Juellund
Lighting design Torkel Blomkvist
Music Anders Niska, Niclas Arn, Niki & The Dove, Ane Brun
Dramaturgs Sisela Lindblom,  Lucas Svensson
Voice training och song rehearsal Maria Johansson Josephsson
Choreography Fredrika Byman Moberg , Soledad Howe
Makeup Elisabeth Wigander
Sound design Gustav Nordmark
Video Clive Leaver, Henrik Ekberg
Clown training Maria Öller, Pierre Byland


From Papa Freud’s girl to the liberator of the child. Anna the child admires her father, Sigmund; young Anna is psychoanalysed by him. The family’s life is both cosy and insular. The adult Anna works with children and becomes a pioneer of psychoanalysis – liberate the child! But to come out of the closet as an adult is harder. Anna Freud’s meeting with her life companion Dorothy Burlingham in the 1920s has a parallel story in the American child psychoanalyst Eve who meets the LGBT activist Peg in the 1970s. The part of Anna Freud was written especially for Ann Petrén by Ann-Sofie Bárány. In Anna’s Closet is a daring story that crosses boundaries. An immersive theatre performance.


“The labyrinth that Osten/Bárány present has mirrors for everyone, regardless of gender… In Anna’s Closet, adapted by Bárány and directed by Osten, is so rich, so filled with costumes and potential, that the production resembles a party, simmering with movement and energy, but also with versions of lives…” Svenska Dagbladet
“… the masterpiece In Anna’s Closet by Ann-Sofie Bárány, directed by Suzanne Osten.” Svenska Dagbladet
“ What Suzanne Osten, Ann-Sofie Bárány, and the many-headed and insanely generous cast achieve is unparalleled. Regardless of what we may think, it is impossible to avoid that very thing, to think, to feel… a profound totality. A dancing rhythm to the acting and formations, a warmth and humour that is embracing… a whopping great party!” / The richness of expression in this nearly four-hour long performance is overwhelming. From the first moment, Ann Petrén as Anna Freud captivates the entire audience with her perfect pitch.” / Dagens Nyheter

In Anna’s Closet is presented in English in an extended synopsis.


Photo Ola Kjelbye

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