I Want to be Mum

by Ann-Sofie Bárány

Director Kjell Stjernholm

On stage Niclas Lendemar, Pierre Björkman och Gunilla Ericsson från Moomsteatern med Åsa-Lena Hjelm, Gustav Ekman Mellbin och Bill Hugg från Göteborgs stadsteater.

Music Jan-Erik Sääf
Set & trailer Clive Leaver
Costume & masque Evalena Jönsson Lunde
Lighting design Hans C Roupe
Sound design Jonas Redig
Dramaturge Lucas Svensson
Choreography Ola Hörling

An unusual and unusually happy family; Klas and Inga and their three half-grown kids Ben, Stina and Erik, almost get a new family member: the searcher Elias. Both sides are astonished and enchanted. To begin with.



“A multifaceted, fascinated play that scrutinises family roles, power struggles and violence. Elias’ final monologue is a sharp soul-searching. The theatrical illusion is broken and he addresses you and me directly.” / Sydsvenskan


“As the play progresses, and the initial light-heartedness gives way to darkness at an accelerating pace, something happens. The dream grows denser. Deeper. Drags me along.” / Skånska Dagbladet

Let Me Be Mummy in many ways broadens the perspective.” / Göteborgsposten

“Sublime… Bárány’s insightful script about the effects of egoistic love and the equally self-centred grief.” / KvällsPosten

“Ann-Sofie Bárány, playwright and psychoanalyst, doesn’t make life easy for us with yet another play about human dependencies. Perhaps she is saying that there is no such thing as unconditional love? That there are limits for what love can endure.” / Expressen


Trailer: Clive Leaver

Photo Ola Kjelbye

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