PHOENIX – Theatre, Marina, Theatre!

by Ann-Sofie Bárány

Marina Tsvetajeva sought the absolute purity of the soul through poetry, language itself and – for a brief moment – within drama and theatre. The play Phoenix is the story about that moment.
Marina Tsvetaeva, a renowned Russian poet, is consumed by the desire to gain access to the world of theatre. Armed with her new play, Phoenix, about a girl and an aged Casanova, she hunts down the city’s busiest male theatre genius. Simultaneously the Russian revolution is taking place, throwing her bourgeois existence into turmoil. She has to fight for the survival of her children, and her soul.

Thérèse Brunnander – Marina Tsvetajeva
Siri Hamari – Ariadna Efron
Emelie Jonsson – Sonja Gollidej
Elin Klinga – Jura
Hannes Meidal – Jevgenij Vachtangov
Simon Norrthon – Casanova, Stachovitj, Irina
Martin Selze – Pjotr

Direction Suzanne Osten

Set Design and Costume Design Anna Heymowska

Choreography Soledad Howe

Lighting Design Torben Lendorph

Music Niki & The Dove

Vocals Maria Johansson Josephson

Clown and Melodrama Instructor Maria Öller

Wigs and Make Up Mimmi Lindell, Nathalie Pujol

Video Velourfilm

Franciska / students from Vachtangovs theaterstudio
Swedish cast: Fabian Magnusson, Ima Nilsson, Zainab Tahir, My Wester, Alva Westerberg, Bilguun Gansukh, Artemis Nasiou

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