by Ann-Sofie Bárány

On stage: Malin Cederbladh, Danilo Bejarano, Clara Norman, Stephen Rappaport, Claire Wikholm, Torbjörn Svedberg

Director: Suzanne Osten
Set och costume: Magdalena Åberg
Music: Johan Petri
Lighting: Nisse Ericsson
Masque: Carina Saxenberg
Photo: Lesley Leslie-Spinks

The world’s first entire, text-based play for infants aged 6-12 months accompanied by adults. Research shows that we have the ability to understand and perceive contexts from an early age. We seek contact with our surroundings even as newborn infants. Babydrama is a play about the voyage we have all experienced, and the baby audience is now experiencing. From germination, through our time in the womb and birth, to the meeting with our parents and the discovery of our own free will. This play conveys a bright message to the young audience: Welcome to life!


Babydrama has been translated into English and French.

Eight minutes on Youtube about Babydrama

Ann-Sofie Bárány has written a book about her work on Babydrama, published by Kabusa förlag.

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